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Bungee Shopper Tournament (TS)

22nd August 2016, 16:00     #RopersHeaven
Hosted by: OREL
Download WSC Scheme Info Map Pack





• 5 worms per player
• Games are best of 1

Hi! Its regular BungeeShopper tournament from OREL :)
scheme and rules modificated (tx for Adnan :) i like your scheme now XD)

• AFB (Attack From Bungee): Always attack from bungee or while in air (AFA here doesn't mean you have to jump of the cliff and throw the weapon, or release parachute and be in air, it means you have to launch yourself from the bungee). Do not attack from parachute or ground. It will be considered as cow penalty and you have to skip the next turn. In case of accident or mistake, make sure you blow off the weapon before it reaches the opponent e.g. sheep. Otherwise, even with accident, if the opponent got hit, you have to skip the next turn.

• CBA (Crate Before Attack): As you are already familiar with this rule, it is used in many kinds of shopper. Collect the crate to get the desirable weapon, before you attack an opponent.

• PFB (Parachute From Bungee): Only use parachute by pressing "Enter" key after you launch the worm off from the bungee. Do not use parachute from the ground or jumping off the cliff. If you took advantage without launching from bungee, it will be considered as cow, and you have to use skip within this turn.
(New rule for PFB): In accidental or mistaken cases, if the parachute usage was non-advantageous, you still can move, get the crate and hide, except do not attack that turn. If you attacked that turn, you have to give same damage to yourself as you gave it to opponent.

• PROD only for RETREAT!!!

• If you have internet problem - 2 drops = gg

• Blocking is not allowed!!! (it means if you block 1 hole out of 2 - all good, if you block both holes - it's cow) in other words - If your opponent can't use bungee in START of turn - it's block.

• Use tourney map. But you can use another maps if your opponent will be agree with it, if he is not agree - use tourney map.

Tournament Results [hide maps]

Medal points multiplier for the new system: x 0.4 (8 players)


Round 1 Round 2 Bronze Match Final Round









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